BBE is your best choice for Mine Ventilation and Air Conditioning solutions

In this niche area, BBE are an order of magnitude larger than our competitors with over 100 professionals; and over 1000 years of combined operations, engineering, and consulting experience

Mine Ventilation

Mine Industrial Ventilation

BBE can perform audits, investigative studies, through to designing turnkey solutions that use industry best practice, are practical and implementable in controlling contaminants within industrial environments.

From underground crushers and shops, through to surface processing plants, refineries, and laboratories, we have a designated team with the experience and technical knowledge to provide point extraction, filtration, general ventilation, and air conditioning to the mining sector.

Our solutions can address fumes, gases, dust and thermal conditions to ensure regulatory and corporate standard compliance with respect to worker health and safety and the environment.

Mine ventilation diagram air conditioning in mines
BBE computational fluid dynamics quantitative predictions of fluid-flow phenomena in mining environments
Mine air vent network model. BBE is recognized as a world leader in the design of mine ventilation and cooling systems.

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Our Vision and Mission:

Globally provide independent, specialist ventilation, cooling and mine air quality solutions to create a healthy, safe and productive work environment across the mining industry.