Simulation and Modelling - Seeing is understanding

Modelling is the basis of our designs, examining complex mine ventilation systems, analyzing and quantifying potential energy savings, and solving fluid flow and contaminant concerns.

Mine Simulation & Modelling

Mine Simulation and Modelling

Our capabilities include strategic ventilation modelling using state of the art visualization software to assist engineers in the planning, design, and operation of mine ventilation systems and their components.

Over 30 years of specialized research and development paired with decades of industry experience, BBE has created VumA-3D combining thermodynamic and aerodynamic interactive mine network modelling algorithms.  However, we are just as competent in using other commercial ventilation simulation software. In both we consider different pollutant inputs (diesel equipment vs BEVs) and emergency planning (explosive atmospheres, fires, and egress).

BBE routinely applies steady-state and transient Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis to optimize the design of ventilation infrastructure, minimizing energy loss and ensuring conveyance stability.  CFD is also applied to provide a greater insight to the dispersion and transportation of airborne pollutants (gases and dust) within the mine and at surface discharge, and water entrainment.

Mine Simulation and Modelling
Mine Simulation and Modelling
Mine air vent network model. BBE is recognized as a world leader in the design of mine ventilation and cooling systems
BBE applies Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis to optimize the design of ventilation infrastructure

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Our Vision and Mission:

Globally provide independent, specialist ventilation, cooling and mine air quality solutions to create a healthy, safe and productive work environment across the mining industry.