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Since its inception in 1989, BBE has acquired a reputation for excellence through the dedication and professionalism of its experts.

Mine Engineering & Consulting

Mine engineering and construction

BBE’s mine fan engineering includes primary mine fans and mine auxiliary fans and ducts. BBE assists clients with the selection, sizing, and specification of primary and secondary mine fans. Our capabilities include detail mine fan engineering and specification.

BBE fan experience covers the selection, design, engineering, installation, commissioning and troubleshooting of surface and underground fans [off-the-shelf and engineered fans].

BBE also have consulting experience in the preparation of detailed fan specifications for main fan stations [surface and underground, all configurations], booster fans, shaft/decline sinking fans and secondary fans, duct systems, cost estimating and project execution and management.

Mine engineering and construction

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Our Vision and Mission:

Globally provide independent, specialist ventilation, cooling and mine air quality solutions to create a healthy, safe and productive work environment across the mining industry.