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Mine cooling & heating

Mine Cooling and Heating

Due to climate or depth, mines may require cooling, heating and in certain locations both.

Supporting our ventilation designs, BBE will determine a mine’s heat load and its cooling and heating requirements.

Mine heat load prediction is a complex science involving strata heat, mine equipment and their operational cycles, water sources and usage, depth effects (autocompression) superimposed on the seasonal surface climate.

Our team of refrigeration and thermo-flow engineers specialize in the design, installation, and operation of all elements of a mine cooling system.

At the concept level, BBE examine alternative refrigeration and cooling systems, heat recovery and heating systems to identify the optimum systems for the specific circumstances. For cooling this includes thermal ice and water storage, absorption refrigeration, split surface/underground distributed systems and using our own patented technologies where applicable.

BBE can provide virgin strata temperature measurements and a laboratory analysis of a rock’s thermal properties.

Mine air vent network model. BBE is recognized as a world leader in the design of mine ventilation and cooling systems
BBE applies Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis to optimize the design of ventilation infrastructure

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